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Welcome to my Halo community. Well, not mine, but I am the primary moderator, so I suppose that would make it my charge, and I its guardian.
A website will be designed shortly, that I might compliment this community with a members list, with stats, Gamertags, and Clan info. Of course, this will be easier once Halo 2 comes out, but I am working on Halo: Combat Evolved content already.
Now, I hate to sound like some stupid prinicipal at a school, or an overly strict parent, but I'm afraid I've got to lay some ground rules. *Thump*

1) I love fanfic. Ask anyone who knows me. I can't wait for Halo 2 to come out, even though it's only a few weeks away, and gobble up even unofficial Halo fiction, but PLEASE use LJ cuts. First offense will result in a warning email. Repeat offenders will be banned. (Not everyone loves Halo fanfic as much as I do.)

2) Please, no beefing. The first person to directly insult another user will be banned. Of course, I will be using my judgement to decide if someone is good-naturedly joking, or if the poster's intent is malicious. Such incidents shall be judged on a case-by-case basis. A note to the insulted: Please do not respond to malicious posts. It encourages the offender, and ultimately makes you look bad. If you feel it utterly necessary to fight back, please be mature about it. Part of the reason this Halo community was invented was to get away from immature people who talk about each others' mom. That's just really lame.

3) Halo 2 French Version- Any posters who give away plot points before Halo 2 has been in release for a month shall be banned. Any posters who brag about possessing a copy of Halo 2 before it is officially released will be banned and reported to the proper authorities. I will not tolerate theft of this, or any work of Bunige's. If you like Halo, and want a third game to be released, then keep your copy of Halo 2 legal. Would you keep making games without getting paid for your work? Of course not. With no money, Bungie cannot exist.

4) Plot-Related Posts- No spoilers may be posted before December 9, 2004. Any poster who reveals plot points betweem 11/09/04 and 12/09/04 MUST USE AN LJ CUT! Violators will be banned. However, mentioning things in obscure enough manner that they do not spoil the plot for those patiently awaiting launch is acceptable. Example using Halo: Combat Evolved follows. Bad: "The final scene where Halo is destroyed is so dramatic!" Good: "The final scene was so dramatic. I hadn't anticipated that!" Granted, you are kind of dense if you hadn't anticipated that, but that isn't my point. I'm sure these rules are no fun, but Halo 2 is a big deal, and I want this to go jut as smoothly as Bungie has kept it going so far. Everyone should be able to enjoy it for the first time in the way it was intended; a story unfolding. As of 12/09/04, this rule will cease to exist entirely. Any user who posts plot before 11/09/04 will be banned and reported.

5) Enjoy. Other than the ridiculously detailed rules above, enjoy yourself. Limited trash-talking is acceptable, if it is benign in nature. I don't mind hearing "Schooled!", but "You suck rotten %*^#$@*, you worthless &*@^$*!!!!" is not what I want to see on the community.

Try to realize that these rules are to ensure the enjoyment of all Halo fans; The moderator abilities shall not be abused, but will be used without hesitation should someone violate the rules. Enjoy, and see you all on XBOX LIVE.